Friday, August 3, 2012

Namz goes to Shimla , Manali , Chandigarh

!!   Shimla  -  Manali  - Chandigarh  !!
There  are  times  when  you  just  want  to go  somewhere away. Away from work , from the place u stay , away from normal routine . And then  u know where u  want to go . On Tour !!
We  had covered most of the places in South of India , so decided  to go  Himachal Pradesh. We went hunting thru the iterneries of diff Tour organisers. Mind you .. they lie a lot ! They will tell u , they have cost saver packages, which will turn out to be your most expensive  tour :D We finally heard of Yatrik travels from one of our family friends and found it much sensible and  .  you can go thru their site ! 

Gokhle kaka, Kirtany and KAKA !! The 3 organisers :)
So we took this Shimla – Manali – Chandigarh  total 10 days package.  You can find more information about  all these 3 places on wiki :D .  I will just try to give you’ll view from my perspective. 

So  the tour started from Delhi that day very early , with 5 familliles , 1 sardarji driver , 1 cleaner , and three coordinators from Yatrik travels.  What i believe is we were very lucky to  have such nice quick bonding people with us . It took us no time to introduce each other and within few hours we were all seated in seats which were not allotted to us  , playing antakshari , some word games etc.  

Please allow me to describe just this one breakfast which was my favourite. We had stopped at a typical Dhaba  , with trucks parked at the entrance, some wooden furniture around , and THE CHEFS outdoor making parathas , tandoor stuff , jalebis  , lasssi etc. So  we had this beautiful  lasssi.. ya ya it was deliciously  beautiful . It was then followed by  potato , onion , cabbage parathas  which were accompanied with pickle , dahi  and   ‘makhan’.. not butter :P :D Makhan is desi butter and it tastes  way better then amul butter ! The satisfactory feeling u get after having this Punjabi breakfast is unimaginable. :D

OOO LA LA !!! :D

The best parathas accompanied with dahi , pickle and makkhan !! yum
As you  are a few km from Shimla , the city is all ready to welcome you with pleasant cool weather , awesome sceneries  , beautiful vegetation and people . Weather was not only breezy  but  it was drizzling too ! We were all tired and closed ourselves in warm blankets in rooms . The room we got  had a terrace view , but the temperature had dropped down drastically. Next day the  weather was super cold  when we went to see the Valley. Although the view of valley was pleasing , we were not pleased enough to open our eyes against the blowing winds.  We clicks some pics and then went to see the famous Church and Lakkad bazaar. By afternoon the climate was pretty pleasant.  

Evening  we went for Horse riding on hills. I wanted a white horse , but the horse guide  was arguing with me as if that horse which I was suppose to ride is the best in world L I had to go uphill on that  very excited horse.  I was last when I started  and when we reached top of the hill , I was second . I must have yelled so many times at the  horse guide   , to control his horse , but he was laughing at me saying that you have paid me for a walking ride and I m giving you running horse at the same rate x-(. Thankfully they change the horses when we come downhill, and I got white horse !!! And he was very sweet and maintained  his speed thru ought ! I liked it J


  1. Nice one! :-) Keep posting.... Enjoy reading your posts... :) Loved the phrase.. "It was deliciously beautiful" :)