Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Innocent Relations ...

Deva ,mhaka bari buddhi di..vidya di, shakti di.. ani mhaka ek bhaav di
Every evening after ‘parvad  this is what I used to say standing  in front of GOD folding my hands !! WHY ? Because I was told so! I was told that if you want brother you will have to tell GOD about it every day! And I wanted him so badly as all my  best friends had brother, I never forgot to say it at the end of ‘parvad’. It took around 3 years for GOD to put the baby in my mom’s stomach ( again I was told so ! ) . That’s what we do when we are kids, we just do as we are told to.

(btw ‘parvad’ is saying some ‘shlokas’ in Sanskrit , or some verses in reference to GOD like ‘Shubham karoti kalyanam’ which are usually taught by grandparents )  !

Childhood! I find it so much like blank fresh drawing paper, the characters around you then draw on this canvas which slowly shapes you! I find it as light as a feather, flowing with the wind, in any direction with no burden! Haaa! Just the feeling gets me flyingJ. I love to see the innocence on the faces of kids. And the questions these ignited minds ask, even the genius people fall speechless.

So, my brother was born after I did 3 years of ‘tapascharya’ ( but you know actually who did ;) ahem ).  And the day he was born same night there was earthquake in Goa. Maybe he wanted everyone to feel his arrival into this world. It was night time, so I had no idea about mom being taken into hospital. Morning I got this news and I was so happy!! I wore my favourite dress which my granny had stitched, and went to see my lil bro. I had this image in my mind about my brother, he will be fair, big black eyes, pink lips, round and chubby smiling at me all time. So I enter the room in hospital and what I see is this little reddish pink thing! I was like WTH. I shouted at ‘AAEE’(mom) , I thought it’s because she used to  have this beetroot soup all the time.  But still I went near the cradle just to see him , and this fellow who seemed to look like been sleeping , announced war against me !! He peed on me x-( And there it was the start of still unending war ! Grrrr 

But as he grew up some months older he actually started looking like what I dreamt like bro! Only I didn’t imagine he would have such a exact geometrical circular bulbous round head. :D I still make fun of him. Somehow , right from the point he gained his senses , he recognised me as his enemy and  always cried loudly whenever I was around. And I was so mad after him; I loved to kiss his chubby chicks n he hated it like anything. :D:D Maybe because he hated it I liked it more!! :O 

I just mentioned that kids are innocent. But another universal truth is ‘they are naughty’ :D and you think my bro was exception ? This empty headed fellow, when he was just learning to crawl, had fallen on his head, and pointed finger at me saying I pushed him !! I had got all shouting for just being around him. But I never stopped going after him, because he was weak, slow in crawling, had difficulties in balancing because of his bulbous head. 

Once I and my cousin were riding cycle and we were excited because we had learnt balancing in that summer vacation.  My brother was around playing, and we told him we will give him a ride on the slope and he got scared , and was not ready but we made this poor fellow sit forcefully :D We went up properly holding the cycle. But while coming down, the speed increased and we couldn’t control the cycle and he fell. OMG and he started crying with volume set to maximum. We both were so tensed that he will tell everyone at home. Finally we washed his wound, and ahem... bribed him with two erasers, one apple and one banana, one eraser come sharpener and one tattoo. But he was so corrupt that he blackmailed me for a long period with this.

So many years have passed by and still this relationship has not lost its innocence. It’s like we both have grown, but we still fight for silly reasons. I still feel protective towards him although I tie Rakhi to him, telling him to protect me! I feel nice every year, that he buys small gift for me from his pocket money and all that anger dies away. (BTW I do start reminding him about gift 2 weeks in advance :o)

I wrote this as we all celebrated ‘Rakshabandhan’ just recently and I wanted you’ll to just recollect all silly, naughty things we did , and we still do with our brothers/sisters. J May this bond last forever!  

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