Friday, January 6, 2012

Torture at Project Lunch Party

Food !  Well that’s how my day starts and ends too ! Those who  are my friends know very well about my cravings for food(actually non veg to be more specific), and those who don’t know me so well , can make out it from my size ! :P

After coming into PSL my weight has increased  at least by 5-6kgs (maybe more L). That’s because of the veg food the caterer provides . So? So people who like non veg have to go out to eat, which increases the weight.  Although  now we can see some change .. Maybe because the weighing machine in cafeteria no longer supports and shows weight for people like me :D (I m just kidding .. im not that fat now ) .  Anyways I just wanted to share a recent torture that I faced for our project party , but before that a  chop for all those people who don’t support non veg food .

There is a reason why I eat non veg . I love fish  but I love nature also  ..  Oh yes !   The reason why I eat fish is to maintain balance in ecosystem . Let me elaborate . Just imagine if everyone was veg. Now think what’s the aim of a fish in life ? Do they have one ? NO. That’s the answer . So they come to life , live for some time , n die !  Or maybe who live longer will simply increase life in sea making it overpopulated . Ahaaa now come into picture , people like me .. I mean fish lovers .  We provide fish with a aim in life. We  eat them , make them realize that they are special ( only thing is they are not alive to live with that realization :D)  and thus maintain balance in ecosystem. Ok ? :P Actually non veg items are costly also , but we think of our ecosystem , nature  and unlike veg people don’t run after money .

So  you know by now how much crazy I am about fish . I see to it actually every time we go out for birthday parties ,  lunch outs , or team lunch that I  can eat non-veg that day .  And I succeed every time. J But this one fine day , there was Vinayki (this day I can’t eat non veg , onion , garlic L) . And our team mates decided to go for project party in Soul Souffle ( :D ha ha discount ka mail aya nahi , ki nikal pade khaane). I was  sad because I wont be able to go . Mom had  given me veg pulav in tiffin.  But then everyone started forcing to come . Some nice people ( who later became my enemies ) started telling me that they will order some salad , and some gravy without onion , garlic. I was touched ! So sweet people , how I could say no . I said ok.  Still I was sad that I won’t be able to eat non veg. 

Anyways we reached Soul Souffle . I loved the ambience. It had an open cottage like structure . There was a huge Christmas tree , rite in the middle . There were light and dark green hanging lamps on ceiling.  The entire cottage was bordered with  diwans with lovely cushions made out of silk in different colors !! A senior waiter , a very thin character ( soul souffle doesn’t provide food to waiters I thought ), came to greet us on the door.  We went and dumped our lazy bumps (spelling altered to maintain sanctity ;) ) on the inviting diwans .  This senior waiter was arranging tables, suddenly came to us and said “ Get up , get up , sit here “ . I felt like I was in primary school , we are on picnic , n I have gone n sat on some wrong place , n of course Mr. waiter sounded like a principal. I am very obedient like that you know . So we all got up from diwans and landed on the chairs reserved for us.

The orders were already placed so we were relaxed talking , pulling each others’ leg, laughing  . Waiter took drink orders from us and he was gone. Cold drinks were served and we went into waiting period.  I was very hungry. Then I saw the waiter coming…  he got the starters and kept it right in front of me . I smiled at him and I looked into the plate, n then I gave him THE “WTH” look. I said “This side we all are veg  (mann hi mann I was repenting  .. but .. I continued …  ) , take it to the other side” . But maybe my nose was not following vinayaki and hence the fish aroma filled my nostrils . But the dish was gone on the other side of the table (No use repenting over spilt milk .. or a non veg dish that’s gone away I say) .  Again he came and performed the same ritual , as if someone had told him that there is a girl sitting  with veg people who usually loves non veg ,  so just  take every non veg dish there first and then get it to non veg table. X-( 

And there I was sitting slurping the sour fresh lime soda, . (I had mentioned sweet actually , but by now u can make out that waiters there do exactly opposite ). Looking at people eating chicken starters , fish fingers etc …. Just Imagine ….  Poor me.
Finally veg starters came , they were some small heart shape mini cutlets , which were ok.  I ate two, I felt like I ate two channas or something.  Suddenly  I look at the table where non veg food was getting served (actually all time I was looking there .. by now but obvious eh !!  ) and I see  that they have got main course also .. rice , fish curry , chicken gravy n what not !!!! x-(  I checked the time , it was 2 . And we were licking  starter plates here  and were gazing at the empty plates on our tables .. hoping for a miracle to take place .. for them to just refill. I can’t wait like this . I called the waiter , and gave him a gentle reminder.  The result was that he only placed EMPTY main course plates on our table. And got French fries. We finished it in no time and again went into waiting period. It was 2.45.

Finally the chef himself came with this special without onion-garlic gravy and placed it on the table. Haaa I thought .. finally. But there were no rotis. Non veg people had finished their share already. Some people started tasting gravy.  Our plates were empty, the hot gravy had turned into cold dessert.  We reminded the waiter.But turns out , that waiter was “besharam”. Reason. With the stares I was giving him , if anyone else was there , he would have sat right there and made rotis and served us.  Suddenly he comes and asks “ANYTHING ELSE ??  “ I felt like telling him, get me iron rod with which I can break your head into pieces. What did he mean by ANYTHING ELSE ? Our plates were empty , maybe he thought he had served some Soul souffle  ke invisible soul dishes into our plates.  I thought it would have been much better , if I had got my small tiffin , atleast I would have eaten veg pulav, I would have shared also with others  (1 spoon per person, soul souffle ka prasad ) , I m not that bad. Finally the food came, at 3.30pm . By then, the Non veggies were eating badishep and laughing at us.
Why did I write all of this ..
So that all those wonderful non veggie people know in the future that if you are a veggie and most importantly if you like non veg …  avoid going to such parties .. will help avoid SOUL UNREST !!

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