Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its funny !

 I, one of the “April born fools”, would like to share with you’ll one of the funny incidents in ma life .

This one was when I was in PCCE doing my 1st year of engineering.  Every morning travelling from Margao to Verna was adventure itself.  There are two bus stands from where u can catch bus to come to PCCE (yes  ... catch!  Or to be more precise catch any part of bus if you are fortunate enough). Not that any of this choice is better or something. Consider that as GK. :P 

 So we were treated like ‘bachaas’ (that’s a much better word) by the conductors. Actually we dint exist for him. We were directly addressed  as ‘half-ticket’  and the ‘full-tickets’ used to  laugh at his insensible jokes the way siddhu  might laugh even at anyone’s  funeral. The buses were locked when parked on bus stand and ‘full tickets were given chance to enter bus by this great conductor with welcome song and we used to struggle to even stand on last step! [Please note: I will never forgive that conductor in my life. I wish I could tie him by the most easily breakable thread to a bus and drive the bus as fast as I could.] 

 So you know how difficult it was and how lucky it was if you get to sit. (Not very lucky also because that person had to catch friend’s bags, drafter etc etc :D). We had a professor who used to come from Karwar who was fatter then a hippo when u look at his stomach, but had by mistake got a head of honey bee.  This fellow being a full ticket used to keep his bag on sit before climbing the bus, reserve the place, and then get in the bus ‘aaram’ se, then travel the journey towards his seat with most horrible smile I have seen with free stamping pedicure on our legs ! Ouch L (He had wasted one entire lecture giving us lecture on how picnics are bad when we had bunked class previous day) He used to give us Home Work!! We were engineering students!!!

We all used to get irritated but couldn’t do anything. One day this hippo kept his bag to reserve place, all Verna workers and people got in bus, and he got late as usual. But there was no smile on his face as he was coming towards his seat. Because there was already someone seated.  He asked in this South Indian accent of his “Where is my bag eers?” (Don’t ask me what this eers is! His brain appends this word to end of every sentence he says, For free! ) No one knew where his bag had disappeared. Let me tell you I have helped people find things when they are lost , but I was so overjoyed by this news  that ...that... I dint help!

So hippo started searching the bus seats, top racks... but alas “us din Google bhi uske help ko ata na toh bhi search nhi kar pata  :D:D.” The worst part was conductor was in bad mood and dint wait to hear his nonsense, and started with bus. We had already smsed our friends and were chatting on phone about all this, smileys were getting exchanged! Finally we reached college. Bus became half empty as all students and some workers got down. This hippo professor had got a nice change to search for his bag. But conductor dint take his ticket, and dint allow him to climb bus to check for bag. :D We couldn’t control our laughter and ran in the college. We had got off lecture because his notes and bag had disappeared in this air ;) So we were roaming around!!

After some time we saw him sitting behind his best friend’s bike and going on mission “Hippo’s bag search”.  With the speed we could make out the Activa was willing to move but there was equal and opposite resistance offered by hippo’s weight which was not allowing the scooter to speed.  They had to catch the bus which was heading back to Margao now. He was so tensed I guess that while crossing the high way, instead of showing  left hand to indicate crossing , he lifted both hands And we the 1st year IT students witnessed  Titanic remake. :D LOL

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