Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dreams !

I like changes in my life … I don’t wont my life tp play same CD all the time ! But one thing I notice about the blog title whenever I open my blog is the quote by Mr.Abdul Kalam … which I like the most, that I have not changed it for a long time… ( Once I think I clicked on edit .. n I was searching for some better quote .. but naa .. first time Google was of no help to me !! ) And I love that quote .. and till my dreams n I m there .. it wont change ….

Dreaming … I love to dream .. n I m sure evry1 does …

Wiki says Dreams are a succession of images, sounds or emotions that pass through the mind during sleep.

Whatever … I believe in Mr. Kalam’s quote fully .. Dreams are meant to give your thoughts some charge …. Give your actions a speed … Some people don’t believe in dreams , they say they never come true.. they are like mirage , illusions which are false .. n when they don’t come true.. you will stop believing in them . I don’t say that my all dreams come true … my those dreams where I have fallen from heights a 100 times , if had come true … (would I have been writing this ..? :D ).

Dreams are like may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.”

Dreams are not the only ones which hit you at night in sleep .. but dreams are those which you see when you are not sleeping & they don’t allow you to sleep till they come true. This are the dreams only which make you clean the dust settled on brain … which make you realize that you can do something which you have not done in your entire life … which make you work harder then you had worked for board exams … which make you think of all possibilities required to achieve the dream , which you may not have thought while playing chess also

There are people who dream … and they just dream ! No !!

Dreams should be chased … like never before … chase in a way so that the dream should chase you back … chase it so that U & DREAM should be in DEADLOCK till your dream jumps into your present !!

Dreams are your secret admirers .. they cant harm you .. they will just get the best out of you ..

I don’t have much experience with life … But I don’t know …. there is something about this dreams .. which make me feel I m special … different .. and if they don’t make you feel special .. see that you do it !

The question is whether my dreams will remain with me forever … like they are part of me … ? [I wud luv that ;) ]

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  1. Seems like PSPL is keeping you pretty busy. Not many posts this year.
    It was nice reading through your posts.
    Just wanted to say "Thanks!"
    Do 'write' if you get time.
    All of your posts are from the heart, which makes reading it even more interesting.

    Happy Monsoons. :-)

    Dream on....