Sunday, February 14, 2010

FOOD....... well Indian food.....

Food ... this is not only one of the requirements required for living...... but my most important requirement or you can say was my requirement..........

I was crazy about food ... Indian food .. Goan food !! Cmon its so delicious and made with full heart , with all ghee like stuff or whatever that makes it soooo yummy n mouthwatering , one can't stay away form it. As i used to do.!! But now I am on diet. Yes I am doing dieting.. not because I am fat (that's 1 reason actually ) but because I have more fat in my body(you know i came to know some ppl are fat because they have more water in their body..!)

For about 3 months I followed the so called diet.... well I was not following the typical ghaas phoos diet. Just avoiding oil , ice-cream (that was tough) and chocolates .!! and doing little bit of walking in morning...

But today dad took us in restaurant and I decided 'ek din mein kya ho jayega!! ;-)'

I really felt like I had food after days... no months....... wow. It was delicious. (Well you know the new restaurant opposite KTC bus stand..TAVIR?? same one... must try. I mean better in margao...!!! )

We had sweet corn chicken soup , chicken lolipop and chicken something something.. kabab to start with. Then we ordered chicken dum biryani and xacuti (that was really damn gud ya). (M I exaggerating..? May be)

Well you know I don't mind talking about food ya.. about fish ..oh that's my weak point..! I thank God that I grew up in Goa.

My favorite dishes
- Fried Posta(KingFish) , Sungtan(Prawns) , Bangdo(Mackerel) , kurkurit verlyo , pedve , tarle (sadins) , kalli , paplet , kalvan ......
- Bharillo Bangdo
- Human (Any Fish)
- Sungtache Tonak
- Sungtach Sukhein
- Lepo amat tickat
- bangdyachi udad methi
- postache/sungtache balshav
- sukhya bangdychi kismore
- sukhi moriche human
- kalputi

You wont know what is my 'halat' now after writing all this.........!!
I can see only fish everywhere... sorry cant write more....
Matshe bazarat vachoon yeta


  1. hey hi,

    thats a cool stuff u'hve posted. lovely description of our goan food...... my mouth watering too.
    bye vedha

  2. girl you make anyone hungry by your writings.