Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goa .... Heaven

It was on 24th , yesterday... I got up early for morning walk. Got ready , was thinking whether I shud wear sweater. But I like to wear it thts y I wore n came out. N what a site….!! Aquem had drowned in the fog. It made me feel really cool , nice and heaven like. For nearly half an hour I was walking through the fog , well at some places I cud literally feel the dew falling on my face … I could hardly see anything ahead..

I have always been a fan of winter. I love to sleep with my gojdi, with fan on full speed even in winters…… Actually all these days temperature had increased in Goa , so I was sad… no more winter , no sweater , no cool breeze , no shivering , no cold cream ……… I was very happy yesterday .

On the way to panjim , in the bus I was just admiring Goa and white beauty….. The site on the bridge was amazing ! Our bus was moving with either sides having literally white curtains !! It was beautiful and I was trying not even to blink my eyes n save everything in my memory…. Don’t mind to see Goa as Heaven always….. will love it

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