Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am Namrata Ramkrishna Shenvi Khandeparkar. What a long name......... Rite from the 1st day of my school my name was the unique one in attendance register .. The only name not fitting on one line n had pushed my surname to the next line...I am One of its own kind ... sounds weird...?? Whats weird?? Everyone on this earth is distinct and unique ya ... we dont see it because we like to be like others... look like others , dress like others isnt it?

Well I am not totally not like what i mentioned above , ...even i like to copy somtimes... But i prefer to be different . Do something different , so that I am noticed among all similar ones. If everyone is doing same thing , I will think of what different i can do?

I have strong belief in my dreams. I know some or the other day i will make them come true . Thts the difference again ... I wont wait for them to come true. .... I like to dream ... sometimes things which are impossible but belive me ... they have come true later i my life. Actually I never thought i will write so much on this topic u know.. but see if u try nothing is impossible...!
And you wont belive it but i wanna write more. But thats enough . This is my first post, so i dont wanna bore any1.( even me )


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