Monday, January 18, 2010

Picnic by the Yoga group

I had created this blog ages ago...... but never bothered to write anythn n now i m bothered... he he

Never mind ..........
Well one day my uncle(Parid kaka) told me that they (yoga grp) have organised a picnic in the Nagesh Love Forest located at gudi paroda, Goa. What a lovely place to see................ you tend forget sometimes that you live in a city... Nature is so close to human here......... The entire mountainous area, the fields around , coconut trees makes a person belive that Goa has still some nature oriented places.............

We started from home at 8 in mornin... Though i m not a part of the Yoga grp , i ws involved . We reached a place where every1 had gatherd (starting point).. There was no bus... instead every1 had gt their cars ....I was totally surprised to see large grp of enthusiastic aged people compared to othr age grps... We started n by 8.30 we were at the entrance of Nagesh Forest.

I was very excited about the events told us that day............ we had trecking to start with.. which was really exciting. I thought the aged grp people will remain down.. n we will be climbing up the hill , but the first person to start was a 80years old lady. I was shocked..... !! Going up the hill was tiring .. it has real steep slope.. and coming down was more tough.. all pebbles trying to make sure that we fall down at each step. ;) oops

Then we had rope flying and rappling . I got scared in the start.. I have heightophobia . got damn scared.. but then after trying once it was fun... Next we had rain dance .... this was really coooool. Our stomachs were empty... but who cared , all were dancing.

We had soup and lunch. It was good. Then we tried shooting , played volley ball . The Nagesh Forest Owner had organised few games for all. In short this picnic was full dhamaal package.
enjoyed it.............

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