Monday, November 29, 2010

The farewell Doms gave me .... she did plan it ... yes .. into a flop .. LOL

[Note : Let me tell u guys I had thought of writing this the same day doms(domnica) gave me terrible farewell... but I forgot n I met her recently in bus .. n she reminded me about it all over again (making fun of me ? ... I am telling entire world what u did!! :P)]

Oh yes... my farewell ... flashback .... one month back .. date is not important !
So I was working in NIO ...and it was time to leave since my tenure had got over .. n we(friends) decided to go out for lunch ..

Although it was my farewell ... I  was deciding upon places. I suggested some places in Miramaar , one nice restaurant with sea view at Donapaula itself , but that was closed in rainy season so we dropped that idea.

Now Doms came up with idea of a restaurant "GOAN DELICACY" in Donapaula..(Let me tell you people never go to have food here !! ). She told me her friends have been there ... food is good ! And as long the food is good I am happy ..!

So we started from NIO to go to this hotel at around 1. This restaurant is situated on the sea side but you need to hunt for the place. You need to walk a distance till your legs stop coordinating with your body ! ;) Then we reached a place which had a view more of a house and less of a restaurant but anyways ... I liked the sea view .... and yes there are many things which I dint like !!

We saw the menu ... n ordered soup .. chicken 65 , kalamari , fried rice , roti and chicken xacuti .. ! And I was really hungry after walking the distance and was waiting for food.

Arrived the soup ... which was horrible ... (later described by dipti as soup of sm bird's wings which had flue !! :D )... I dint know this was the start of nightmare ...

Then not only the starters arrived ... but rice and main course also .. (Think the waiter wanted to tell .. just eat n get lost ! p.s. I hate the waiter .. wanna kill him )

I controlled myself ..n just glanced over the dishes ... I had not seen a horrible chicken 65 .. chicken fried with tadka of mustard seeds n dry red chillies on top ! [ Goan delicacy changed the recipe .. poor chicken 65 .. ] Wanted to slap him 65 times !!

Next was the rice ... I dunno for how many days that fried rice was there in their kitchen. I knew the taste of it before tasting. I could make out it was undercooked !!

Chicken Xacuti ... ! Please .. this is Goan specialty my dear Goan delicacy .. you should have  not disappointed me in this case at least .. I think even  I will make it better if  I try ! Yes !
And rotis were made by chef's grandfather and preserved for years ... to drive away the customers ... !

What the hell !! I and my other two friends were frowning at the waiter as well as Doms ... Yes .. I am sure Doms had planned something with the waiter to make this farewell lunch a terrible thing ! The waiter came and I couldnt resist telling him "Excuse me , How old is this fried rice ?" Damn ... This waiter instead of feeling guilty , started smiling which then turned into a sarcastic smile. I could make out he was thinking "Finally got rid of the Fried Rice ! Ha Ha !!"
We somehow ate two tablespoons of each dish and just started to got out. I wanted to get out of there.

The main Waiter came with the bill n we all told him frankly "The food was terrible man !! " And guess what .. he had this look on his face "Terrible food ? In my restaurant !! impossible ... Have you  people tasted fried rice anytime ?" Good that he dint dare to open his mouth in front of me !!

We started walking the distance again ... And let me tell you people ..we dint bother who was watching us .. all of us burst out laughing .. at how terrible a lunch can be .. we were laughing like mad .. maybe we trying to get rid of frustration ...

And Doms i will not forgive you and the waiter !! :P:P


  1. heheeh goan delicacy :D
    had same experience abt year back
    waiter was generous enough to bring soup first we could cancel our rest of the order
    n never showed-up there again :)

  2. thank goodness i was not there. :) and thank goodness we didnt go there for your birthday.

  3. @arvind : lucky u ! :(:(
    @joalita : i knw ... i wud nevr give treat at such a place !!