Friday, September 24, 2010


Well before u start reading and wonder what this is about… whatever I am gonna write now is actually abt nothing… nothing special… so JUST LIKE THAT (don’t blame me for writing .. my frnds have  spoiled my weekend successfully .. Sunday is gonna be working day .. so I cant help being like this )

 Spoiled weekend are one of the worst things that hv started happening in ma life recently…  came home today … had food .. was hungry bt dint like it … playing songs now … that makes me feel better … n ya it did .. n wanted to finish reading eclipse …. So aaj raat eclipse ke naam
But I have seen the movie eclipse so I don’t have that exciting feelin inside me… that’s y I m slow this time… n I can see Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini in my cupboard…. I don’t know whats about this book that I don’t mind reading it again .. now also same thought is running in my mind… I have read this book 4 times … n every time i read  it makes me realize … we complain a lot about our simple life which we find complicated , bad , unhappy etc etc … but u read this n u will find what WORST is .. n how lucky u r … being an Indian … being an independent ..  whats like living with parents .. whats like having many friends … whats like having food of your choice .. marrying person whom you love ..  whats the difference between a girl n India and a girl in Kabul…  k u ppl may find it sad…
 But what I believe is … think better , things will be good .. hope for the best .. never loose hope.. never stop trying … believe in someone … don’t loose faith in that belief
There are some things I wanna do …
I want to go for picnic in open jeep … I want to go to Malvan n taste malvani fish n mutton… I want to get rid of my fear of height… I want kitten in my flat … I want to paint my room myself… I want to have copy of every novel I read n show off :D  … I want to see if chandani chawk is really exciting … I want to see India_pak border .. . Ok mom is calling me

Well I think after reading this .. jo bache kuche  7 followers hai mere blog ke who bhi chod denge mhuje :D sorry guys


  1. Domni dint come...i ws ready :( dont blame me...

  2. oyeee wht abt friday's evening program?? who cancelled that??

  3. hey u nevr completed ur ILLA experiences............
    ok v'll make ur travelling from margao to panjim worthwhile 2day evening.ok.
    luv u