Sunday, November 24, 2013

Once upon a time in Bambolim...

Once upon a time in Bambolim, Goa ... (Oh I miss those days  ... L ) We were these four ‘hatke’  girls always there in evening  on the wide road, hands stretched out  to stop car  to go home , in short asking lift . Oh ya ! We were working in Dona Paula, and  to go home by those local Kadamba  buses  …   in which you are lucky even if u get to stand on even  1  leg ! No ways!  So what do we ‘bichari’ girls do? … We had to ask lift!!  You won’t believe but for 6 months literally every day we went by lift.. !

We met different kinds of people. Everyday a new experience! Some people were nice, some handsome, some bored us to death with their lengthy speeches. Once an old man’s speech and his car, both were so slow that I slept in the front seat  zzzzzzzzzzzz. Now, I don’t wanna bore u’ll :P . This one incident which I will never forget, I would like to share with u all.

What happened was, this one fine day, my other 3 members of association.. Oh sorry btw did I tell u I had my own association named AILA ? ( All India Lift Association ). Of course I was the president, with 7 members!!  So my other 3 regular members of association were on leave! Y all 3 had to go on leave the same day I dunno  .. I cursed them so much the other day . x-(

And I was alone at Bambolim bus stop. I dint loose hope, n I was waiting for some relative, some friend to pass by! But time was running out and it was 6 already. But it wasn’t dark, thank God it was July. And on the bus stop there were 5 men, and 4 girls including me. I tried to convince those girls that we can ask lift together, but they were “sant mahatma” type who looked at me as if I am doing some “MAHA PAAP” by asking lift. I said “GET LOST” in my mind! I had full faith in AILA!
[Note : Asking lift is not PAAP , u r helping others to do “PUNYA” by forcing them help u .. got the  logic ? ;)]

And then, when I was busy thinking.. One “khatara maruti 800” stopped! But all men ran, n started talking to driver, and they all came back.  When they uncovered the car it was then that I saw the driver was a lady, and only one front seat was empty.  I could make out from her sari and ‘jingalala’ gold jewellery, that she was returning from some wedding. Also she had robbed almost all the wedding return gifts (I guess.. ;)) and  entire back seat was full with it.  She shouted loudly, only one can come.. n she waved out to all 4 girls . And I was the eligible candidate, so I went hurriedly n sat before she cud change her mind !! yay yay ! I gave a sarcastic smile to all those girls!! kui kui :P:P

The lady was good, talkative but not really boring. She told me she was returning from Mapusa from some wedding, n she was going to Benaulim and she wanted company. She was talking more and more.. but she demanded no response , so I was happily relaxing enjoying the breeze.  It was getting dark, n when reached near Cortalim circle , the car slowly started going out of the track. I thought some one must be overtaking, but I could not see any one behind through the rear mirror !! But when I saw car was literally landing into the gutter , I almost shouted and told her  “ You are on the extreme left ! ” . She controlled the car and slowly got it to the right. 

She gave a nervous smile and started saying, “Thanks a lot haan, you told me. My husband is usually there with me, when I m driving.  But today he could not come, n I thought I would start from Mapusa early. But you know this wedding ceremonies right. I got late. “ . I nodded.
She started again “Thanks for accompanying me. The thing is during daytime I don’t have any problem driving. But it becomes difficult rite to drive in evening .. ! and I have this little problem of Night blindness .. Cant see properly.. !!!

I was shocked to death.. ! Bloody hell.. I dint know how much she was able to see that time.. But I had gone blind when she told me she was suffering from night blindness!!!
We both were quite for some time. She was feeling guilty and I was not sure whether I will die in next few minutes or not x-(
You won’t believe what I had to do for next few minutes till we reached Margao. I asked her directly “How much can you see?” (in my mind : What are the chances  that I am gonna die ?). She told me it was all blur. Gr8 ! For about half an hour I was telling  her, go right , go left, stooooop. Pheeeeeeew.  

And finally I reached  Margao. First thing I did was I got out of that khatara. I started walking , she called me n said  “ Thanks a lot girl. You were of great help. (in my mind : Don’t tell me you want me to accompany you till Benaulim ! Don’t even dare!) . Thanks again . I will see if I can get anyone else to accompany till Benaulim “. And she went a bit further near Bus stop where buses start to go to Beanulim !!
And I saw another “BAKRI” getting into her car !! :D
I was ALIVE !!


  1. Oi Namz ...... Believe me I was laughing through the entire read. I remember this incident and I miss those days girls. I wish we could revive th AILA group. N this what I found yesterday...C wht I found

  2. Oi Namz ...... Believe me I was laughing through the entire read. I remember this incident and I miss those days girls. I wish we could revive th AILA group. N this what I found yesterday...C wht I found