Saturday, July 3, 2010


So finally the rains have replaced the heat n they have taken control f entire state. The word "RAIN" itself gives nice , cool n chill out feeling na ..?

RAINS -> water...
RAINS -> its all green
RAINS -> refreshing smell of mud
RAINS -> masti
RAINS -> getting drenched
RAINS -> having garam garam bhajii...
RAINS -> carrying unwanted wet umbrella
RAINS -> try ur best not to open ur own umbrella n get into ur frnds umbrella ( frnds r very imp. :-D )
RAINS -> Traffic jam
RAINS -> You dont get LIFT easily ;-)
RAINS -> people in bus stare at u as if you r the only one who got wet
RAINS -> At least one umbrella is lost
RAINS -> Buy new umbrella , rainy shoes , rain coat
RAINS -> trying out ice cream also.. (try out)
RAINS -> Sleep like a cat with your fav. blanket ...hmmm i am feeling sleepy now

So... what rains mean to u people ? ;-)

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